Dual Arm Casement Operator ‘Encore’ 10-3/8” (Truth Hardware 50.101.011) Left Hand

Dual Arm Casement Operator ‘Encore’ 10-3/8” (Truth Hardware 50.101.011) Left Hand


The #50.10 Encore Dual Arm Operators are designed for windows 24″ to 40″ wide up to 84″ high with a maximum sash weight of 96 lbs. when used with the proper 14 Series Maxim Hinges. The E-Gard coated gear arms and drive worm are made of hardened steel. This operator is the same as the 50.32 model (they are interchangeable), but without the painted steel cover riveted to it. Some numbers we find on this operator are 41011 and 31876Right Hand Shown Order stud bracket, cover, and handle separately if needed (see related products below).

Arm finish

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  • Full Stainless Steel
  • Regular (E-Gard)
    • Operator-Cover-Folding-Handle-Left-Truth-Encore-Tango-12614
      Operator Cover & Folding Handle (Truth ‘Encore Tango’ 12614.32)
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    • Track-Slider-Assembly-Maxim-14.5-Truth-Hardware-11576
      Track & Slider Assembly ‘Maxim’ 14-1/2” (Truth Hardware 11576.92)
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    • Glide-Piece-for-Casement-Operator-Truth-Hardware-Maxim-31877.00.0001
      Track Slider (Truth Hardware 31877.00.001)
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    • -30%
      Dual Arm Casement Operator ‘Encore’ 10-3/8” (Truth Hardware 50.101.012) Right Hand
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    • stud-bracket-with-snap-stud-truth-hardware-11276-11277-right
      Snap Stud Bracket (Truth Hardware 11.27.70)
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    • -39%
      Snap Stud Bracket (Truth Hardware 12.51.11)


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    • 31882
      Gasket for Maxim Series Operator 31882)
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  • DESCRIPTION: The Encore™ Operator from Truth Hardware – style and versatility all in one brand new package. Truth Hardware, the name synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation has once again proven why we are the leaders in the industry. The Encore family of operators, with all its features and benefits is arguably the industry’s best value in window hardware. Engineered to incorporate all of the strength and performance characteristics of Truth’s Maxim® Series of operators, the Encore has been created to take window manufacturers to a level of differentiation that they have been searching for. Manufacturers will also appreciate the cost savings they will realize through standardization of operators and manufacturing efficiencies. The Encore, from Truth Hardware, the beginning of a whole new show!

    FULL-FLIP FOLDING HANDLE: The new Encore folding handle offers a smoother, more contemporary, integrated look when nesting in the operator cover. • This system is uniquely designed to prevent collapse during operation. • The streamlined design allows for easy screen release without removing the crank handle. • Interference with window treatments such as curtains and blinds is also greatly reduced.


    The removable cover design has numerous advantages to the manufacturer and the homeowner alike. • The window manufacturer will notice the reduced inventory costs by allowing non-color specific operators to be stocked. • An integrated snap-fit feature allows fastenerless cover attachment offering the product a cleaner look, and removes easily for painting and staining of the window. • This product opens the door to additional cover and handle design possibilities that will soon be available. • The manufacturer can also take advantage of the possibility for unique cover designs to help them personalize and differentiate their window line. CASEMENT AWNING • Plated finishes are less expensive and more durable. • Installation of both the cover and handle after the home is completed helps eliminate damage during construction.


    Designed to drop in the same location as Truth’s Maxim System, the Encore Operator’s streamlined design helps: • Reduce water/air infiltration and eliminates need for caulking. • Minimize mounting surface damage in punching or routing of operator cut-out. • Create a more stable mounting surface and improves seal endurance with its overlapping lip design. • Enclosed gear train keeps dirt and construction debris out of the operator for smoother operation and longer life


    Allows manufacturer to use same operator mounting location on every window size whether it be a small window with a dyad operator or a larger window with a dual arm, thus helping to reduce manufacturing and inventory costs. • Dual arm is specially designed to support both washability and egress applications while mounted in a consistent location. • Brackets and track have been standardized and include features designed to reduce installation time.


    33% less effort to operate than EntryGard style operators

    • Provides “Maxim-size” large window operation • Allows larger applications to meet ADA requirements

    • Certified to meet AAMA 901-07 cycle test at commercial rating

    • Based on application, the Maxim and Encore systems provide reduced sash play – thus reducing the tendency of the window to “walk” in buffeting wind conditions when compared to EntryGard® and similar style operators.

    • Time proven design



    Designed to fit a wider range of profiles and window types, Truth’s Encore Operators design options greatly increase the mounting stability of the system. While sill mounting is standard, dualaxis mounting (sill and rear mounting in same operator) is available on certain models for companies manufacturing both wood & vinyl windows. Other benefits include:

    • Easily mounts to thin wall profiles such as fiberglass, aluminum, and steel

    • Increases gasket compression, resulting in enhanced water and air tightness on rear mount.

  • The easiest way to determine the handing of your casement window unit is from the INTERIOR (inside) of the home. If you have multiple windows, stand in front of each window in question and locate the locks. The lock location will determine the handing of the unit.

    All casement hardware, which includes locks, operators and hinges, are handed based on the lock location when viewed from the interior.

    Alternatively, handing can also be determined by the hinge side when viewed from the EXTERIOR.

    Examine the product image carefully when ordering. You should be able to see the difference between the left and right-hand side version.

  • Arm-finish

    Regular (E-Gard), Full Stainless Steel