Single Arm Casement Operator ‘Encore’ 11-3/4” (Truth Hardware

Single Arm Casement Operator ‘Encore’ 11-3/4” (Truth Hardware

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The #52.11 Encore Single Arm Operators are designed for windows 20″ to 32″ wide up to 72″ high with a maximum sash weight of 73 lbs. when used with the proper 14 Series Maxim Hinges. The E-Gard coated gear arms and drive worm are made of hardened steel.  (Truth Hardware or

Hand Side

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    • 32658
      Gasket for Encore Operators 32658
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    • Operator-Cover-Folding-Handle-Left-Truth-Encore-Tango-12614
      Operator Cover & Folding Handle (Truth ‘Encore Tango’ 12614.32)
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    • Operator-Cover-Folding-Handle-Right-Truth-Encore-Tango-12614
      Operator Cover & Folding Handle (Truth ‘Encore Tango’ 12616.32)
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    • Track-Slider-Assembly-Maxim-14.5-Truth-Hardware-11576
      Track & Slider Assembly ‘Maxim’ 14-1/2” (Truth Hardware 11576.92)
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    • Glide-Piece-for-Casement-Operator-Truth-Hardware-Maxim-31877.00.0001
      Track Slider (Truth Hardware 31877.00.001)
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  • The easiest way to determine the handing of your casement window unit is from the INTERIOR (inside) of the home. If you have multiple windows, stand in front of each window in question and locate the locks. The lock location will determine the handing of the unit.

    All casement hardware, which includes locks, operators and hinges, are handed based on the lock location when viewed from the interior.

    Alternatively, handing can also be determined by the hinge side when viewed from the EXTERIOR.

    Examine the product image carefully when ordering. You should be able to see the difference between the left and right-hand side version.